NeverEnding Story

Music Concept

Everyone who grew up watching the 1984 film The Neverending Story, which has become a very iconic film, would love to see a remake that would at least duplicate, if not surpass, the quality of that film.

Klaus Doldinger and Giorgio Moroder, along with Limahl’s main theme, have created a stunning musical collage of period synth and orchestral possibilities that has transcended time and left many fans with an unforgettable imprint of a story that follows us at every turn, both in our childhood and now.

It’s very important for the music to play an important role in this film, and as a huge fan of The Neverending Story and its music, I would love to accomplish that task.

As the composer and orchestrator of the film’s music, I would love to create a fantastic and absolutely unforgettable musical collage full of memorable melodies.

Own music