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Dominik Svoboda


  • Wickensburg Soundtrack

    Wickensburg Soundtrack

    Since Richard Boddington is a Canadian stalwart in the creation of family comedies with dogs, it is no surprise that a film with the same concept has been made again.Continue readingWickensburg Soundtrack

  • Trailer music for Bohemia Interactive

    Trailer music for Bohemia Interactive

    Arma Reforger 1.0 Release Producing music for a virtually non-existent trailer is always a daunting task. You need to have a plan, which is adjusted in the editing over time,Continue readingTrailer music for Bohemia Interactive

  • Arma Reforger Soundtrack

    Arma Reforger Soundtrack

    Composing music for a film is a beautiful and inspiring job that can greatly help to add to the story what is hidden behind the visual content. With a gameContinue readingArma Reforger Soundtrack

  • Phoenix Wilder and the Great Elephant Adventure – Soundtrack

    Phoenix Wilder and the Great Elephant Adventure – Soundtrack

    Již třetí v pořadí je Phoenix Wilder z filmové ságy o přeživších ztracených dětech v divočině Againt the Wild. … Continue readingPhoenix Wilder and the Great Elephant Adventure – Soundtrack

My work in world of music

I’ve always been amazed by uniqueness of the individual tones formed to melodies through chords to the whole sound. From an early age, I’ve been trying to play a variety of instruments, such as recorder, guitar, drums, percussion, and cello. Now I perform in various orchestras as a music player and as a conductor. 

I collaborate with many people from the music or film industry individually and apply a wide range of diversity in my approach to various projects. Therefore, I compose, arrange and orchestrate and conduct compositions for quartets, jazz trios, big bands, acoustic bands and orchestras with any style.

Orchestral compositions for audiobooks & movies

Arranges & orchestrations

I have been arranging and orchestrating for 14 years. I have huge experience in writing for orchestras, bands, quartets, trios, big bands, pop brass bands, concert bands, folk groups, synthware experiments, etc. I started arranging for the whole symphony orchestra right away and so later had the opportunity to listen whole work as it was.

I have made many film and non-film titles such as Anděl Páně 2, Důvěrný nepřítel, Against The Wild, Marie Theresie, Bond & Beatles in Concert, Eva Farna in Concert, Vesna Concert, etc.

Conducting & music preparation

I studied conducting at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory with Professor Hynek Farkač. I gained further practice by studying other important conductors, including Leonard Bernstein, Herbert von Karajan and Jiří Bělohlávek. I am currently conducting the Šarbilach Orchestra, which I have been conducting for the fourth year. I am the internal conductor of Soundsgate company, where I also orchestrate and prepare sheet music.

Quality music material is always a guarantee of good and quick orientation and good settings of musicians and conductors. If the notation is in a poor quality, the time for recording frequencies is extended and therefore the budget for musicians and the studio must be increased. So I am trying to avoid this problem at all costs.

MIDI Mockuping

I have been creating realistic orchestral demos (MIDI Mockup) using virtual instruments for 20 years. Lately I have been using Digital Performer 11, Cubase, Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 and Native Instruments Kontakt most often for efficient articulation switching, quick sketching, notation options directly in DP and easy export to Sibelius notation software.