Automatic aligment of 1st and 2nd ending in Sibelius fixed


For many of you who have puzzled over the adjusting the spacing between the 1st and 2nd ending in Sibelius I have a new solution. If you enter a 1st or 2nd ending from Lines, it appears as follows:


To modify repeats click in the ribbon on Appearance tab, Design and Position. Click here in the lower right corner on the small icon.

default positions

Now click on the radio button Lines. In the menu below click on the 1st ending and adjust the values as follows:

  1. Horizontal position relative to note (for Score and Part): -3
  2. Horizontal position of right hand end: -4


Repeat this action with additional repeats as 2nd ending and 1st and 2nd ending. Confirm editing and selectendingsand click Reset Design icon or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P. Voila! This regulation applies settings for future insertion of repeats. If you use it frequently, then export the settings in House Style or save score as a template.


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