Early MIDI Recording in Cubase


For a long time, I had problems with MIDI recording in Cubase (v.8, MacOSX). To my astonishment, everything started with the purchase of the new KORG Micro Key Air 49 and CME xKey 37 keyboard.Both keys are great and I use them a lot. Therefore I believe that the technical possibilities of MIDI tools move further and shorten the latency of the MIDI signal transfered to the computer. This Cubase MIDI recordings (even Retrospective) are inserted in the timeline earlier. There is a negative latency, which can be fixed by very laborious quantification and shifting of MIDI information, and it is not desirable in demanding work.

I have been working on this issue for a long time and as you can see from the Steinberg Forum, no one knows how to fix it. In Windows, you can paste into Cubase folder an ignoreportfilter file, that modifies information from MIDI signals or create MIDI (Emulation) bridge. Both things are difficult to set up and can only be used with Windows.


I have solved this problem. It is not what you expect, but it works perfectly and does not even take any time to change it. Everything is in the Metronome setting in the Click setup. In Cubase and other software, it is possible to set the height and volume parameters of click, or you can insert your own audio. For this option, I’ve exported the clicks from ProTools and put 70ms pause before the click. This results in absolutely accurate recording, and there is only a slight difference when playing back.

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