Dorico 2 & Keyboard Maestro – Harp Pedaling trick (Mac only)


I started create many extended feature for Dorico. I love some specific shortcuts in Sibelius, so I decided to remap some of them in Dorico. I had half success because many of shortcuts does’t work in Dorico so I had to remap specific terms in keycommands_en.json file. It is much better now, but still some of great features from Sibelius (sometimes it’s faster than now in Dorico) are not available as a hotkeys. So after my discovery of Keyboard Maestro (thank you very much Alex Blank for mentioning it in Facebook post), I created features like, shortcuts for fast input of Intervals (Shift +) Number 1-9 , Filtering Notes in Chord 1-4 (Top to Bottom), Filtering Voice 1-2 (Top and Bottom),  Laissez vibrer tie (Command + Enter), Remap every button and knob in my M-Audio Oxygen 88 to fully support Cubase and Dorico (have to use MIDI > USB Connector because my mom destroyed USB input on my keys). 🙂

I assume that Steinberg team has plans to have better support of pedaling and more stuff in harp problematic in next version of Dorico. Until then I created a javascript in KM to reinput harp pedaling in Dorico. So here it is. I have variable harp to correctly parsing notes. After input specific pitches of pedals you have to stroke Space (I don’t know why is this happen but if I previously inputed some accidentals to A pedal, it did’t work correctly. Someone definitely can update my code. Here is example video.

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