Against The Wild – Soundtrack

A new contribution to the category of musical creations I would like to include the film music created by Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer in cooperation with me to the Canadian film Against The Wild directed by Richard Boddington. It was a great experience for the beginning and final realization of the music component of the film. I was invited as an orchestra and arranger, and in some cases I also composed a few missing parts. Later, when shooting in Smecky, drumming improvisations and finale scene with singer Alice Bauerova were also performed. The recording session was provided by Vít Král and the final mix by Martin Hejl.

All the photos have been created Bára Kuchařová.Full gallery.

Unfortunately, I’ve dequantize these notes, so try to quantize again….
Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer

For example, this is the part of the score that was filmed. You can listen to a piece of this song.


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