From an early age I have had a huge fondness for music. I’m always amazed of uniqueness of the individual tones through the melody, chords to the entire sound. Since childhood, I have tried to play a variety of instruments. Starts with Recorders, through the guitar, drums, percussion, cello, etc. Now perform with Film Philharmonic and the Prague Film orcherstra as percussionist and timpanist. I started listening film music from 10 years old when I got my first walkman with The Lion King and Jurassic Park recordings. I studied chemical industrial school with a focus on pharmaceuticals. But immediately after finishing school I started working as a graphic designer and web coder to work.

Now I compose and arrange pieces for string quartets, jazz trios, big bands,  acustic bands, orchestras.

Let the music join us together.

My big dream is work as a composer for film and theater (musicals and even ballet) for quality music videos, and original performances. Over the past years I have had the opportunity to collaborate on many film projects as an amateur film Babička aneb jak to bylo doopravdy, two Canadian films Against the Wild, Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti, and as orchestrator for Anděl Páně 2. Cooperate with professionals form Czech music world such as Jaroslav Krček, Varhan O. Bauer, Ondřej Brzobohat, songwriter Patrície etc.